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Meet Our Owner

Pete O’Connell, President and owner of O’Connell Recruiting in Lansing, Michigan, has consistently achieved results through the use of objectives, metrics, and participative management involving the workforce. He has more than 30 years of experience in production operations. Outside his profession, he is an autism advocate, assisting those in the ASD community in making connections and promoting their causes.


Our owner worked his way through college as a lab technician. He earned an associate’s degree from Kellogg Community College and a BBA degree from Western Michigan University, majoring in Management.

Professional Experience

Ralston Purina

  • Production Supervisor - Ralston Purina - Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Promoted to Production Manager - Cincinnati Chex
  • Promoted to Production Manager - Reno
  • Started Crew Meetings (Team Management)

Miller Brewing Co. (1981-1988)

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin Packaging Unit Manager
  • Started Crew Line Meeting
  • Promoted to Packaging Manager - Albany, Georgia
  • Lead for Quality Circles

Borden Inc. (1988-1993) - Chester, South Carolina

  • Production Manager and Designated Human Relations Manager
  • Won the President’s Award for 1 Million Safe Man-Hours
  • Started SQP Employee Involvement
  • Lead for Two Plant Expansions

Michigan Milk Producers (1993-2009)

  • Production Manager and Designated HR Manager
  • Initiated Management by Objectives
  • Initiated Crew Meetings
  • Lead for Two Plant Expansions
  • Lead for Labor Contract Negotiations

O’Connell Consulting (2010-2012)

  • Effective at reviving clients’ career plans and job search objectives
  • Worked hand-in-hand with clients to build a profile that accents their strengths and accomplishments
  • Organized a client’s vision and set priorities accordingly
  • Was able to communicate and network with clients’ prospects to achieve job search objectives

O’Connell Recruiting (2013 to Present)

  • President
  • Experienced and successful in direct hire contingency recruiting
  • Experienced and successful at filling perm placement requests by finding the perfect long-term candidate for each client
  • Clients are automotive suppliers that specialize in metal forming and die casting processes
  • Strike contingency planning
  • Expertise with Indeed and CareerBuilder postings and search engines


Dale Carnegie – Dale Carnegie Graduate Assistant

 O’Connell Recruiting

Phone: 989-640-0242


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